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> > > Disability is not a spectator sport: the importance of art that reflects the experience of disability


11 April 2016

Gus Garside

Superb piece. It talks about how the arts can enrich us all by widening our intellectual and emotional understanding of the richness of human existence

7 April 2016

Deborah Caulfield

What an absolutely brilliant piece.

Thank you. Allan. You've addressed issues and answered questions that have been troubling me for some time:

1) The disability/impairment equation/dimension, and ...

2) How to be honest about impairment without misrepresenting disability.

3) How to make art that is interesting and not (just) whining.

4) How to make disability art that is authentic and valid AND lives and thrives in the world, because it fits and belongs in that place. After all, I spent eleven years in a segregated institution, I ain't going back there, not in a hurry, not at all, not ever.

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