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The Creative Minds' project is an umbrella for arts organisations within the learning disability arts sector. Their aim is to find ways of moving forward the professional practice of actors, performers and artists within the sector. Part of that process is about learning disabled artists having their opinions on the arts seen and heard and widening their experience of the arts. This blog reflects the thoughts about the arts from practitioners within the sector.

Sarah Watson reviews Thompson Hall's Home Away from Home

16 May 2016


Exhibition shot from 'Home Away from Home' by Thompson Hall, it depicts three paintings above an ornate fireplace. The room is otherwise bare and derelict condition with plaster marks on the walls.

The HOUSE Festival Brighton 2016 Thompson Hall - Home Away From Home A HOUSE/Outside In co-commission at The Regency Town House 13 Brunswick Square, Hove 30 April - 29 May. The venue for this exhibition was a house with beautiful architecture and structure. It really worked well feeling like you are in a house and not museum. I like the boldness of the colours in Thompson’s paintings.  Each piece of artwork he creates has different art techniques in the fine...

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Nick Priest reflects on the 'Is that all there is?' conference

25 April 2016


A photograph of a performance from the Is that all there is conference. 3 performers in 1930s costumes are watched by a crowd, two of them are handling large suitcases.

'Is that all there is?' was a two-day conference organised by Open theatre Company designed to encourage fresh thinking about involving young learning-disabled people in the arts. It took place at Birmingham Hippodrome 9-10 March 2016. Well, the ‘Is That All There Is?’ conference is in the books, and will go down from my perspective as an event that saw the world of learning-disability arts take centre stage where it so richly deserves to be, and hopefully serves as the...

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Katie Wilson's thoughts on the 'Is that all there is' conference

15 April 2016


A photograph taken from the Is that all there is conference depicting delegates taking part in a workshop exercise.

'Is that all there is?' was a two-day conference organised by Open theatre Company designed to encourage fresh thinking about involving young learning-disabled people in the arts. It took place at Birmingham Hippodrome 9-10 March 2016. Theatre needs to be accessible so learning disabled people don’t need a degree to get involved; show the skills you have, lead by example. This conference was a way for conceptual and thought-provoking work to be shared by young people and all...

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Sarah Watson reviews Mind the Gap's Contained

25 February 2016


A photograph from Mind the Gap's show Contained, featuring the performers sitting down in row in chairs.

Contained 'True Stories from the Heart' took place at the New Wolsely Theatre, Ipswich on 9 March. Review by Sarah Watson. “CONTAINED is a vibrant, compelling and personal new show from England’s largest professional learning-disabled theatre company; nine interwoven stories about family and friendships, love and loss, the everyday and the extraordinary”. Mostly the show was really good and different from what I have seen before. It was nice to hear other views of the...

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Sarah Watson writes about 1927's theatre show 'Golem'

1 February 2016


the cast of five actors from the company 1927 lined up with an animated projection behind them

I went to see the new show by theatre company 1927. It’s called Golem. I saw it at the Old Market Theatre in Hove. It was heaving! The space was quite big, settling down into my seat, there were pictures projected onto the big screen on stage – I liked them, they were simple line drawings of people. At either side of the stage there was a drum set and a keyboard. At the start of the show we meet a band, all lit by red light.  I liked how they had the piano and the drummer live...

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